Church of England Diocese of Hereford Presteigne with Discoed

An Appeal for help with our financial situation

31 Jul 2020, 12:15 p.m.

An Appeal for Help on behalf of St Andrew's Presteigne

The last few months have been very difficult for many people.

No one has been unaffected by the fallout from the pandemic and some have suffered very grievously. Compared to those who have lost loved ones or have been ill, our problems seem trivial, but many of our churches – in common with other charities – now find themselves in desperate financial difficulties.

* We have missed out on four months of collections in services.

* Fees from weddings and funerals have disappeared.

* All our fundraising events have been cancelled.

* In addition, St Andrew’s has lost the venue rental income from the

cancelled Presteigne Festival and from other musical events.

* Our income from Church Hall hiring has vanished.

We are blessed by the generosity of those who have signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme, which provides us with regular weekly income. We are deeply grateful to everyone who supports us in this way – our situation would be even worse without you – but the scheme brings in just less than half the money we need to meet our commitments.

It costs in excess of £50,000 a year to pay for the mission and ministry of St Andrew’s and to keep the building open. Our regular giving, though gratefully received, only gets us halfway to that massive sum.

* Following the rewiring and relighting project and the installation of the

new heating system over the last few years, we have no reserves.

* We receive no financial assistance from the Church of England.

The pandemic crisis has left us in dire financial straits.

Without your help, we will be in serious trouble within weeks.

Please would you consider making a one-off donation or signing up to direct debit giving through the Parish Giving Scheme?

If, like me, you’ve found that you’ve saved quite a lot of money during lockdown because you haven’t been spending on social or arts events and frequently filling up the car with fuel, might you be willing to share some of those savings with your parish church? I’m going to do that and I know of others who are…might you join us?

* You can send me a cheque made out to St Andrew’s PCC.

* You can pop a cash donation through the Rectory door.

* You can ask me for a Parish Giving Scheme membership form.

* Please use Gift Aid if you can – that increases the value of your gift.

Do call me or email if you have any questions.

Please help us if you can. Thank you in anticipation.