Church of England Diocese of Hereford Putley

Putley Church Group Service on YouTube

31 May 2020, midnight

As promised.... Eric Porter has kindly spent the week recording and editing a group service from Putley which will be available on You Tube on Sunday (31st) at 11am. Although set at Putley you will see some familiar faces and hear their voices from other parishes in the Cider Churches Benefice too - just as we would have done if we had been at Putley in body rather than in spirit on this important day in the Church's calendar - the Feast of Pentecost .

I hope many of you will be able to join in at the time we were to have met together for our Group service there by clicking the link below. I am advised that all the words we need to respond and to sing the congregational hymns will be on the screen as we watch.

I do hope that lots of people will be able to come together across our parishes at the appointed time. Although it will not be available before the time, i think it will still be available to take part in after its premiere time.

Click the link below on Sunday morning at 11am and join in our worship together across the group.

Click the link below: