Church of England Diocese of Hereford Withington with Westhide

Our Services on 28th February

27 Feb 2021, 1:30 p.m.
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A Message from our Vicar

For weeks it seems we had been waiting for the details of the Prime Minister’s ‘big announcement’ and yet, when it came, I felt, perhaps like many, depressingly underwhelmed. Still too distant to glimpse is the opportunity to cheer on my beloved West Ham from the terraces (although, to be fair, they seem to be doing quite well without me). More importantly, still too distant are the longed for hugs and handshakes. Still so far away the company of friends, family and community without first counting their number.

In many ways the experiences of these longed for but still distant realities are no more than a reflection of the life of our churches. We long, and pray, for God’s kingdom and are rewarded with glimpses from time to time of what might yet be. We yearn to see our churches active, spirit-filled and playing their fullest role at the heart of our communities; and yes, there too, we see signs of what is yet to come in the positive response from a tentative enquiry, in the readiness to engage in the possibility of the contents of a paper bag (email me for more details!)

We may feel utterly bereft at the loss of shared bread and wine but we continue sustained, just, by the opportunities we have for gathering, albeit remotely, online and in word rather than in person. And, it seems, with love for one another at the heart of all we do, we have to continue to hold those two versions of our lives, the real and the longed for, in tension for a little while longer yet. We can do both—we can be both present to the possibilities of now whilst hopeful and prayerful for the riches that are to come. We can stay safe and gather in the light of reducing infection rates and properly respect the anxieties and concerns of one another.
What does this mean? Well, to begin with it means that from next Sunday, 7th March, we will resume services in church in line with our usual rota AND we will continue with our weekly filmed service of Morning Prayer for those for whom gathering in church, whatever social distance is possible, may still be a problem. I hope and pray it may all be a blessing to you and that one day soon we will be fully and properly reunited.