Church of England Diocese of Worcester Stoulton with Drakes Broughton

2020 Saturday June 6th 3pm STOULTON 900 PAGEANT - Postponed



An evening of monologues with Tim and Steve- all  in aid Stoulton Church.

November 4th 2018 - Celebration the end of World War One, from 3pm to 5pm “Coming Home!”

This event brings together the Church, the Village Hall, the Parish Council and potentially everyone in the parish. The VISION 2020 Local History Group is currently identifying the houses and the people who lived in them at the outbreak of the war in 1914. They are also researching the names of those who volunteered in 1914 and those from this parish who were involved as conscription took over. We will follow the period 1914-1918 through the eyes of Stoulton residents as we watch a specially prepared audio visual presentation. The script is being written for the occasion. In 1917 the Stoulton Estate was sold so life for those at home also changed. At strategic points through the story the local narrative will be interrupted by news flashes of battles and recruitment drives. Organisers hope that today’s residents will want to adopt their predecessors and take their part in the development of the 1914-18 story in our community -more details later. 

Everyone will be invited to an event called "Coming Home". It will be held in the Church, the village street and the Village Hall. We hope to include a marching band, banners with Regimental colours and flags made by local families. As more men are conscripted and go to war local people will wave them off, a small brass band will play and they will march from the Church 200 yards up Church Lane to the Village Hall. The tenor of the music will change ‘exuberance’ diminishes as news of the battles and all the deaths start coming in.

In 1918 they will ‘air march back again but some will be carrying a perspex silhouette to place in a pew in the church, others will be wounded, all will be dishevelled but the band will play! Once in the church the relatives of those who have not returned will tell their story, the wounded will not speak, but their relatives will try.  The next of kin will receive a commemorative plaque or “Death Penny”.  We will then march together to the Village Hall for a special 'austerity but post war’ tea. We want to talk to real people who have had similar experiences so we are inviting members of today’s armed forces to take tea with us. We hope to discover how things can be different today for those who come back. We hope that someone from Combat Stress will also share these experiences with us. There will be a small charge for the tea but the profits will go to ‘Combat Stress.” 

Do come along, bring friends and family with you.  Members of the armed forces today will be especially welcome!

More dates for your diary -all in The Village Hall

Saturday September 1st 10.30 am-12 pm. The History Desk will be open at the Village Hall Coffee Morning. Bring your WW1 stories, photographs and memorabilia. 

Friday September 14th 7.30pm.  Calling anyone interested in storytelling, photoshop or powerpoint. Help tell the story of Stoulton through years of 1914-18. 

Saturday September 15th 2.30pm.  Calling all families, grandparents and grandchildren Design, cut, stick or sew. Make flags for the great end of the war parade. Help make commemorative death pennies.