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The Bible’s Greatest Hits - Mark’s Mysterious Young Man

15 Oct 2020, 5:30 p.m.
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The enigmatic “young man” in verses 51 & 52, isn’t included in any of the other 3 gospels. What questions do we need to ask about this man? Mark wanted to say something to his readers - it’s not a random extra.</span>

Can we work out any details about the young man? At what point did he start following the group? Why is he only wrapped in a sheet? Was he concealed and discovered? Why was he so desperate to escape, rather than explain?


John Mark must have known or known about him, and for some reason felt that the incident was a valuable part of the story. Was Mark actually present to see this happen, or did somebody else in the group, like Simon Peter, tell him about it later? For Mark, it meant something.


Here (right) is an idea about what the Upper Room looked like. Most homes were just a single-storey building made of mud. Some were brick, and some had another room on top accessed by steps, like this.

Whose was the famous house with an Upper Room? A clue…

This verse from the book of Acts tells us that some early church meetings continued to take place in a big house in Jerusalem - just like the one in the picture. It also tells us that it belonged to John Mark’s mum, Mary!

We also know that this Mary was Barnabas’s sister, and Barnabas persuaded Paul to take Mark with them, as a “roady” - helper, on their missionary team - sadly, Mark got fed up and left. What this does show us, though, is that Mark was a young man at the time of the Last Supper and perhaps lived in the house with the Upper Room - maybe as an older teenager


Is there a message here for you and me?

Here is a person who noticed something going on. Many say it was Mark himself! He was unprepared - (undressed) but had decided to trail Jesus. Somewhere in the undergrowth of Gethsemane, he concealed himself because he wanted to observe more of Jesus. He was discovered by the authorities and made a run for it.

For me, this is a story of a would-be disciple! We have Jesus in our sights. We want to know a bit more. We put ourselves out and drink in some of wonder of the Lord, but something is holding us back. We don’t want to be named; we don’t want to share our spiritual thoughts; we are uncertain of our next steps, and we definitely don’t want to take any risks……..

Mark offers this as his own story and suggests it might be yours. He reassures you that this is part of your journey, and the next steps will be the Lord’s, if you will let Him in….

_____________________________________________________ Trevor

Today, Lord, I will open the door to You. Come in. Amen