Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Lamyatt

Hope in Uncertain Times

Our church is currently open for private prayer daily from 9am-5pm.  one pew is open and we ask you to comply with the latest health and safety advice.  But the work of the church never stops.  Click on the above image to hear our latest message or visit the Alham Vale Benefice website page for a simple written service with this week's readings and prayers, by clicking this link:

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Prayer is possible

wherever you are and

whenever you are in need. 

It is a free gift to us and a comfort in times of stress. 

It is not always easy to find the right words, so here is a prayer you may like to use:

God of hope, be with us, calm our anxious minds and remove fear. Surround us, keep us safe until the threat passes. Surround us with love, and deliver us from evil.

Protect our families, preserve us, O God, and keep us in health and provision. May our community, despite enforced isolation, be united through acts of loving kindness. Surround us with love, and deliver us from evil.

Help those in the NHS as they care for the sick and deal with the virus, for businesses as they manage the economic challenges and for employees sent home. Surround them with love, and deliver them from evil.

Grant wisdom to our government and may the PM be surrounded by wise counsel. Guide their decisions today to lead us safely. Surround them with love and deliver them from evil.

May those working to stop the pandemic globally make the breakthrough they need to eradicate the virus. Reduce its impact on other nations affected today. Surround them with love and deliver them from evil.  AMEN

And let's remind ourselves of certain truths in these uncertain times:-

LOVE will never be cancelled

PRAYER will never be cancelled

CONVERSATION will never be cancelled

KINDNESS will never be cancelled

FORGIVENESS will never be cancelled

FRIENDSHIP will never be cancelled

SONG will never be cancelled

WORSHIP, as a way of life, will never be cancelled

HOPE will never be cancelled