Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells North Cadbury

All Church Services Suspended in the Camelot Parishes

13 Jan 2021, 10 a.m.

A message from the Rector of the Camelot Parishes:

I have to let you know the very sad news that the decision has been made to suspend all services in the Camelot benefice for the time being.  Different parishes have made their own decisions on this but each came in their own way to the same conclusion.

Pastorally, I would very much have liked to have continued services in at least one or two Camelot churches while this was still permitted.  In times of grave crisis people often turn to the church for comfort, support and spiritual strength.  However, this depends on our being able to demonstrate that public worship can take place safely.  None of us wants to contribute to a rising number of hospitalisations and deaths.

It was made known to me that the discovery of the new coronavirus variant makes the safety requirements even more stringent and that the current safety measures may not be sufficient. Also although congregations have complied with the requirement not to mix while on church grounds we have reason to believe that this is not the case once they have moved on from there. This is not something which we can or should facilitate.

For these reasons sadly I felt unable in good conscience to sign off Risk Assessments permitting services to go ahead. If it is any consolation (which it may not be) I understand from the Bishop that 90% of the parishes in the Diocese along with the Cathedral have reached the same conclusion.

We will be keeping the matter of suspension of services under active review in the light of changing circumstances and advice.

With my love and prayers,