Churchyard & Wilding

We aim to keep our churchyard simple using local help to keep the grass cut when most needed.  This year however in line with our neighbours, English Heritage, and many other organisations and individuals, we are also creating some wild areas.  If you have any comments or worries, if you would like to be involved and most important of all, if you spot something very unusual, please let churchwarden, Sarah Nicholas, know.... if could be a very exciting experiment! 

If you would like to make a contribution towards its upkeep or would love to work in it, please contact our Treasurer, Liz Nightingale on 01458 250816 or Ian Allen (grass-cutter-in-charge) on 01458 253293.

If you need to locate a family grave, please contact churchwarden, Sarah Nicholas, on 01458 252866 or [email protected] who has a map and list of graves.

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