Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Martock

All Saints' Church Clock

Although there has been a clock at All Saints’ for over 100 years, the current one was made in 1936 by John Smith & Sons with chiming mechanism installed over 20 years ago. All Saints’ clock ‘dings & dongs’ over 407,000 times each year – that’s just short of 9 million times since installation! Not surprising then that it now needs some repair. Sadly new replacement parts and skilled work is going to cost just over £7000…. If you treasure the comforting sounds marking the progress of each day, please consider making a donation. Contributions should be sent in an envelope marked ‘church clock’ to either Ivan Childs at 19 East St, Martock or Grace Dunton at Watercombe, Stapleton Rd, Martock. Cheques payable to Martock PCC please. In addition, online donations can be made here: 

As at 25/02/21, over £1150 has been raised - THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to the appeal already!  We also thank The Guardians for their unfailing support despite a lack of fundraising opportunities over the past year.  As you contribute, so their portion on this project decreases, enabling more money potentially to be available when the 5-year Church Building Inspection is carried out in April 2021.  

The Church Council have a responsibility to ensure that a complex and sizeable piece of machinery should be repaired by approved craftsmen.  The work contract has been appointed to Smiths of Derby who also provide the essential maintenance each year.