Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Beacon Trinity

Parish Magazine


Your Parish Magazine.

The four churches in the three villages are here for you. This magazine is for your information, amusement and hopefully general enjoyment. We have delivered this copy to every house for Christmas. Many people like to visit church at Christmas and you will be made most welcome.

We are aware that many people still believe in God but church doesn’t fit into their regular pattern of life often because is not seen as very relevant or maybe they don’t think they will feel welcome. Some don’t know what happens or wonder if you need to be a member.

Well, if you ever think like this and have wondered about coming to church then please know you are welcome.

In the new year we are wanting to hear what people think about the church and whether we can make any changes that might make it more appealing.

Please tell us what you think.

If you do not normally receive the magazine but would like to then please return this page with your name and address and any comments you would like to make. Due to advertising it only costs 35p a copy. Please include payment with this form and return to The Rectory, Fosse Rd. Oakhill.

I would like to receive the magazine each month.




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