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Response to question: Where is God in this for you? (1)

17 Jan 2021, 5 p.m.

Aaaah, I see. Just had a look round your website - it's better than ours. Well done! Maybe you should make it more widely known.

Where is God in this situation?

Well. He's never been a God who imposes his will on us. Bad things don't happen because of God, they just happen because our world became imperfect. But God is present in the love he has for us, he comforts us in times of trouble. He shows himself in the love of friends and family and in those who serve our community in various ways. He is in everything that's good and wipes away our fears because through Him - one day - "all things will be made

new" ......and perfect. Who else is offering that? Better than any vaccine!!!!!!😀