Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Backwell

Lockdown 2 Community Matters

21 Nov 2020, 3:15 p.m.

Lockdown 2 Community Matters

A message from Councillor Bridget Petty

Many people are fortunate to have family and friends nearby but do you know your neighbour? Could you lend a hand, set up a group for your street; WhatsApp or emails? Maybe you and your neighbours could have a local group and look out for those less connected.

Could you offer to pick up items for each other? I’ve heard of others passing jigsaw puzzles, books or gardening tips. If the weather turns nasty people might really appreciate knowing the neighbours are looking out for them. Feeling connected is an important part of wellbeing. This week I knocked on a neighbour’s door to just check everything was OK. Could you do that for someone you don’t know very well?

There may be people less willing to ask for help, but each of us reaching out to one person might mean loneliness is less, and ensures helping hands are offered.

Backwell Parish Council continue to connect volunteers from the village including those from St Andrews, Meeting Point and Backwell Residents Association and those requesting support across the village.

As a group we are trying to keep self-help information here

If you need help or support email [email protected], giving the title HELP WITH SHOPPING REQUIRED or HELP WITH PRESCIPTION COLLECTION REQUIRED or a similar title in the subject. This will help speed up a response. With consent you can refer someone else by email.

Alternatively ring 07985 199724 to leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Volunteers are ready (if you are a volunteer and have not yet been called on, this does not mean you are not wanted. A severe change in the weather or a sudden increase in infections will mean we will have to call on those waiting in the wings). Support might be a regular telephone call from The Meeting Point volunteers or those from St Andrew’s church or the other churches.

I’m delighted to be working with other community groups, dealing with matters from essential needs to the other aspects of community life. I am Backwell District Councillor, I am a busy mum, and trying to support community spirit for young and old across the village. If you have ideas or advice, please email me on [email protected] or contact me on messenger on Facebook (Bridget for Backwell).

St Andrew’s has a pastoral team that can offer friendship, emotional and spiritual support via the telephone. To make contact or refer others with their consent, for ease please email [email protected] or if by telephone 01275 463469 (although during covid19 the answer machine is only checked twice weekly)

Any prayer requests will be held in confidence please email [email protected] or telephone the number above.