Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Christ Church, Pill

Holy Communion

15 Aug 2020, 11:15 a.m.
20_HOLY_Communion_Liturgy.docx Download

To avoid the danger of cross infection we are not allowed to use orders of service or hymn books in church. Astrid has prepared a specially amended order of service which will be available in church. You will be given your own copy to use, take away and keep for future services. Please personalise this by writing your name on your personal copy, and bring it with you each week. I have uploaded a copy below for you to download if you wish. Please note we cannot share the peace with handshakes, and communion wafers will be brought to you in your pews, so we do not have to pass each other in the aisle. We can remove face coverings to consume the host(wafer) but should replace face coverings immediatelyy afterwards, and only the celebrant will consume wine on behalf of us all. These measures will give us maximum safety. Though we are not allowed to sing hymns, prerecorded hymns can be played.