Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Cricket Malherbie with Knowle St. Giles

Weekly News letter 4th June

6 Jun 2020, 5 p.m.
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Dear Friends

I hope you are all well and coping in the current circumstances. It has been refreshing to have a drop of rain - do look out for signs of new growth!

Quick 'heads up' before you the read the rest - Thursday Evening Zoom service tonight at 7:30pm here:

Meeting ID: 717 8400 7120

Password: twoshires

General Update

There is nothing new to report this week on restrictions and the church buildings ‘phased return’. However, I thought it might be useful to summarise the current position as there has been a lot of confusion about where we are now at ‘generally’. This is my broad understanding…

· We remain in a state of ‘lockdown’ with the following exceptions:

o Going to work, shopping, medical appointments or,

o Taking unlimited exercise outside, including travel by car, as long as it is on your own, with other members of your household, or one other person (in which case 2m distance must be kept) or,

o Meeting friends or family in open spaces, including private gardens, up to a maximum of 6 people and maintaining social distancing.

· In application to Churches, which have their own guidance and specific government restrictions:

o We are in Phase 1 of a 3-phase gradual return.

o Currently only the one nominated person in each parish can enter the church for the purposes of maintenance checks and for private prayer or to stream an online service.

o The only services we are able to conduct publicly are limited attendance committal services of burial or cremation.

o Phases 2 & 3 will gradually increase church usage, but cannot be implemented until the government lift the current restrictions on places of worship.


· The Link Magazine (Tatworth, Cricket Malherbie and Chaffcombe) will no longer be distributed with effect from July. Monica Mason is stepping down as Editor of the magazine after the current edition (June). We thank her for her service. We very much hope to re-continue the publication once things are a little more back to normal and therefore would be very interested to hear from people who may like to take on that role.

· Window Displays! It has been so lovely to see how so many people have decorated their windows with pictures of encouragement and hope, particularly the rainbows and other symbols. This has been a unique aspect of this time in our collective history and has been a source of great inspiration to many. We would like to compile a little record of these displays that can be shared ‘online’ (with permission only) and may be used for future occasions of reflection, thanksgiving and remembrance. There will be separate communication on this, and Bishop Ruth has agreed to be involved. Please do email any pictures you have of your own displays and do spread the word to others. More information coming soon.

· Further to discussions this morning I am clear that we can better communicate with those people who are not online, particularly with regards to regular worship. Giving that some further thought we would like to put together a pack of things to send to people who are ‘offline’. I am aware of a number of people, but if you are in contact with those people, please could you kindly let me have their names and postal address and we will make that happen.

Catch up meetings:

It was really good to have the first open Zoom meeting this morning to be able to catch up with people and talk through current matters. Everyone is very welcome to join again on the following link on Thursday 11th June at 11am:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 762 5813 0320

Password: twoshires

Prayer & Worship

Many thanks to Judith and so many others for putting together such a lovely service for Pentecost. If you missed it you can find it on the wordpress site at

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday and worship will be provided by The Butcher family, which again will be available from Sunday on

Tonight, as every Thursday, please do join us for an Evening Prayer on Zoom. Today will be a Celtic themed service. It is at 7:30pm on this link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 717 8400 7120

Password: twoshires

For your prayers:

With your own prayers this week, I invite you to include the following:

· Schools – A number of children have been returning to school this week (Years Reception, 1 and 6 at primary level). Please also keep in your prayers all those learning at home and teachers who are providing such important communication and teaching in very different circumstances.

· The Sick – All those you know who are ill or struggling in any way. The following are also included by name:

Rob Allen; Lynne Applegarth; Phyllis Baker; Margaret Bandy; Sue Bennett; Sue Cheese; Terry Conway; Nick Frankau; Paul Glazier; David Goodwill; Mike Heywood; Joy Howard; Ann Jarvis; Val Joslin; Mark Lindsey; Frank Long; Peter McHugh; Diana Rowlands; Ann Ricketts; Jim Tucker; Rosemary Walley; Rosemary Walton; Vivien Wheaton; Alan Wills, Anna Woodward; Pamala Young ; Hannah (Dennis Hunt’s granddaughter); Becky Wood (Rev. Tim Price’s daughter); Milly granddaughter of Jane & Alan Rudkin.

· For the Bereaved - The family & friends of: Roger Partridge; Denise Nicholls; Andy Partridge; John Massey; Derek Wicketts; Dave Checkley; Heather King’s son; Hubert Hutchinson; Roy Frecknell

Collect & Post-Communion Prayers:

Holy God, faithful and unchanging: enlarge our minds with the knowledge of your truth,

and draw us more deeply into the mystery of your love, that we may truly worship you,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Almighty and eternal God, you have revealed yourself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and live and reign in the perfect unity of love: hold us firm in this faith, that we may know you in all your ways and evermore rejoice in your eternal glory, who are three Persons yet one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Scripture for the week

Trinity Sunday: Isaiah 40:12-17, 27-end; 2 Cor 13:11-end; Matthew 28:16-20

Monday 8 June: 1 Kings 17:1-6; Matt 5:1-12

Tuesday 9 June: 1 Kings 17:7-16; Matt 5:13-16

Wednesday 10 June: 1 Kings 18:20-39; Matt 5:17-19

Thursday 11 June: Gen 14:18-20; John 6:51-58 (Corpus Christi)

Friday 12 June: Acts 11:19-end; John 15:12-17 (St Barnabas)

Saturday 13 June: 1 Kings 19:19-end; Matt 5:33-37

With every blessing to all of you,


The Reverend Philip Butcher

Rector - Two Shires Benefice (Tatworth, Thorncombe, Winsham, Chaffcombe & Cricket Malherbie)

The Vicarage

3 Home Farm



TA20 2SH

01460 221286

PASTORAL EMAILS - please to: [email protected]