Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells St. John the Evangelist, Tatworth

TCYC - Tatworth Church Youth Club


TCYC has been going very well this year, we have a very committed group of volunteers and a very loyal group of young people.

Since September we have been averaging 9 young people a session and have 20 young people on the books, which we expect to rise slightly as its starts getting warmer and lighter and are able to get outside.

Our normal youth club sessions have been going well; We almost always play at least one game, often indoor hockey or football, and have also done lots of cooking, cooking competitions, and team building activities like obstacle courses and themed team nights.

In the summer we played a lot of games outside; A game called commando was a particular favourite, which is a hide and seek style game with lots of running around, and we also played games such as capture the flag, volleyball and football-cricket.

In the after sessions we have 5 older young people and earlier in the year we did a discussion session with them, based around a short video. This was good for a time but didn’t work as well as we had hoped in the long run. More recently we have been doing a similar idea to Piers Morgan life stories where the young people were able to ask each leader questions about their lives.

Questions such as; ‘what were you like a school?’, ‘Did you get on with your mum and dad?’, ‘Have you experienced any miracles?’, ‘do you have any regrets?’ etc. which was really worthwhile as it allowed the young people to get to know their leaders a lot better and allowed the leaders to share their perspectives of the world with the young people.

We received a grant from the council at the end of last year, which enabled us to buy four ‘three- man tents’ and a professional volleyball net.

We completed a Stay Awake in October where we continued youth group until 7:00am the next morning. During this time the young people cooked many different meals through the night, played lots of Nintendo Wii and played an hour’s football match at 1:00am!

We have also been working with Chard Churches Together Youth Initiative, and TCYC hosted the first joint event with four other church youth groups. This involved 27 young people visiting TCYC on a Friday night in which we played large group games, made ice cream sundaes and had a lot of fun. It ran incredibly smoothly and we had very positive comments and I think this event really showed of how good our TCYC leaders are and what we are capable of as a club.

Our next Chard Churches Together Youth Initiative is a film night at Chard Baptist church.

A few of the Leaders from TCYC were able to run one of the lent lunches recently and we all very much enjoyed ourselves and also raised a good amount of money for the club.

On Friday23rd March TCYC will be supporting an event run by two of our young people who are raising money for a trip to Africa in August 2019. They are hosting an Easter beetle drive at Manor Court Scout Hut.

Matthew Baker

TCYC Leader