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Sponsored Bike Ride for the Bells -we've started work!

30 Jan 2021, 1 a.m.
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 Sponsored Bike Ride for Goathurst Bells

I am going to do a bike ride from Bridgwater to Taunton along the canal on Mothering Sunday to raise some money for the repair work to be carried out on our bells. We have been very fortunate to secure grants for this work due to the numerous letters and e mails that have been sent to various bodies and we have some of that grant money already and the remaining amount will be paid on completion of the work. Also there has been a wonderful response from the local community in the receipt of donations. The fund is approximately £1,000 short of the estimated target. If anyone would like to sponsor me I can give you the church bank account and sort code so you can pay by BACS or if you would prefer to pay by cash or cheque then that is fine. If you are able to Gift Aid your donation then a form can be printed off or completed on line.
 My contact details are [email protected] or phone number 01278 671 542.


The onerous job of cleaning the church tower, clock room (after carefully covering the clock prior to bell removal), and the belfry has been undertaken by Wessex Commercial Cleaning Services ltd . What a job!! To see for yourselves download the attached compilation file of their photos and see the bags of debris. Photos from their report show the extent of the work. The bags of rubbish shown above indicate how much debris due to the birds and dust came out.