Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Staplegrove

A Big Thank You!

22 Dec 2020, midnight
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Thank you to everyone who took part and supported the Bell Tower Quiz.

We have had some really good feedback on how much everyone enjoyed taking part and the financial support was amazing. We are now up to £900 with donations still coming. Thank you for your generosity it really is appreciated.

The Hamper was won by Nigel and Caroline who live in Nash Green, lots of goodies for them to enjoy over the Christmas period.

The bells are being taken down in the next couple of days and then being transported to Taylors foundry. Mike and Jill Hansford have done a lot of work preparing for this and when the bells have gone all of the repair work will be able to continue in the tower.

Mike hopes to keep us up to date with a progress report through this website.

Once again thank you so much, also a big thank you to everyone who helped distribute and to those who were the “post boxes” for the Hamper entries.

You have probably spotted my error? Question 20 should have been ‘where was the last battle fought on ENGLISH soil’ not British. It’s always good to have a little controversy, hopefully it gave you something to discuss with family or friends?

Best wishes to you all for Christmas and for what we hope will be a better New Year. 

Heather Williams on behalf of the St. Johns Staplegrove Ringing Band.