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To all Daffodil Growers

24 Jan 2021, midnight
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To all Daffodil Growers

Thank you for growing daffodils this year. As I am writing this, my bulbs are coming up nicely and I hope that they will be out in flower for Mothering Sunday.

Because of the difficulties of using the Church for Services at present we have decided to decorate the Lychgate with the daffodils this year, so that anyone walking through the Churchyard can safely see the display. We would ask you to bring your pots of bulbs to the Churchyard between 10 and 12 noon on Friday 12 March. If you are unable to get there and would like someone to collect your bulbs, please give Janet Darby a call on 271457. We hope to dig the bulbs into the bank by the car park once they have finished flowering so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Many thanks for your help this year.

Janet Darby and Felicity McGill