Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Staplegrove

Report from the Annual Meeting - 21 April 2021

13 Jun 2021, midnight

Here is the synopsis of the St John’s Annual Meeting particularly for Church Members who would normally attend the meeting but were unable to because they could not link through Zoom.

The Rev Paul Irving welcomed 31 Church Members who joined the meeting. During the Vestry Meeting, Alec James and Chris Young were appointed as Church Wardens for the year. The Rector thanked the Church Warden’s team and other members who had stepped up to run the Church during the Vacancy.

The Rector thanked everyone who had welcomed him and his family to the Benefice. He hoped that the Church would be able to go back to a more normal life in the near future but also encompassing some changes. The Rector said that the next 12 months were going to be challenging but would provide opportunities and that he plans to hold a Vision Day in September which would build on the Profile. He was also heartened by the level of voluntary giving in the Parish.

The Rector thanked David Greig for his diligence as Treasurer over the last 10 years and welcomed David Bridges as the new Treasurer (David was appointed at the first meeting of the PCC on 5 May 2021).

As an update to the Annual Report, Mike Hansford said that rehanging of the bells would commence on 26 April. He said that the clock was not currently working but was awaiting a replacement movement.

The following Church Members were elected to the PCC: Janet Darby, Mike Hansford, Stafford Coombes and Duncan Robertson (Stafford and Duncan were elected as Assistant Wardens at the first meeting of the PCC).

Anthony Yeo was elected as Independent Inspector of Finance for the year 2021/2022. This is on a reciprocal basis with St Andrew’s Church.

The St John’s PCC members for 2021/22: The Rev Paul Irving (Chair), Alec James, Chris Young, Stafford Coombes and Duncan Robertson (Church Warden’s team), David Bridges (Treasurer), Felicity McGill (PCC Secretary), Iona Young (Staplegrove School Governor), Jim Read (Health and Safety), Gillie Greig and Paul Carter (Deanery Synod representatives), Mike Hansford, William Allen, Janet Darby and Moira Read.

Sidesmen & Sideswomen elected on 5<sup>th</sup> May 2021:

Monica Allbut, Jenny Paull, Valerie Farrow, Chris Young, Ivy Weaver, Jim Read, Janet Darby, Graham Hobrough, Gillian Greig, Stafford Coombes, Paul Carter, Alison Cursham, Barbara Slocombe, Iona Young, Rona Graham, Danny Markland, Angela Thow, Peter Triggs and Sandy Robertson.

Felicity McGill

PCC Secretary