Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells St. John the Baptist Wellington

Wellington & District Team

We are a member of the Wellington and District Team Ministry, a group of 14 churches with 3 Church of England Schools.  To see the benefice page, click here

The Ministry Team

Team Rector: Revd Tim Treanor. Tim has oversight of the whole Team and, in particular, the town of Wellington.

Missioner: Revd Selina Garner. Selina’s focus is encouraging lay ministry and developing ideas for living and telling the story of Jesus.

Team Vicar: Revd Alan Ellacott. Alan looks after Bradford-on-Tone, Langford Budville, Nynehead, Runnington , West Buckland.

 Sampford Arundel and Thorne St Margaret.

Associate Priest: Rev Martin Beaumont.  Martin looks after Ashbrittle, Greenham, Bathealton, Kittisford, Stawley and Rockwell Green

Retired priests with PTO

Revd Stephen Bowen (mainly Wellington)

Revd Ian Brierley (mainly the mid-week congregation in Wellington)

Revd Allan Sheath (Rockwell Green)

Revd David Burton

Lay Ministers

Rockwell Green School Lay Chaplain: Helena Power

Pioneer Health and Well-being Chaplains: Freddy Brown and Debbie Brown

Pastoral Chaplain St John’s Wellington: Judith Dufour

Team Administrative and Mission Administrator: Christine Winhall

Wellington Artist-in-residence: Fiona Brown

Village Chaplain Tracey Richbell