Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Hoddlesden Saint Paul's

Easter Appeal

19 Feb 2021, 8:45 p.m.

Can you help?

Every month we contribute £1480 to Blackburn diocese as our ‘Share’ for ministry costs for the Church of England in Lancashire. This covers about 250 churches and pays for ministry costs: clergy, materials, support and communications. Our ‘Share’ comes to an average of £8 per adult per week. Until lockdown, our finances were secure - our income was more than our outgoings because our members contributed by bank transfer, by cash/card on Sundays and though fundraising events. However, we now have a situation where the ‘Share’ requested by the diocese has increased and we have lost the cash/card income on Sundays. We have also lost income from the Summer and Christmas fairs in 2020. Despite some generous giving from members, every month we go further into the red.

So, things are getting very tough. We will be able to pay our ‘Share’ in March but there will not be enough in our bank to pay the ‘Share’ in April. We have received so much from God in our church and every week, people give generously of their time and talents - all our leaders are unpaid. But we still have to pay our ‘Share’ to the diocese, especially at a time when we want to advertise for a new vicar to replace Tim.

Jesus calls to be generous with what we have, but we know that for some, these times are tough. However, we appeal to those members who are able to help. Between now and Easter, please can we ask you to review what you give to the church? For those who used to put cash or envelopes in our Sunday collections, please consider ‘catching up’ for the past year and send the money through bank transfer or a cheque using the bank details and address below.

For those who have used their time and talents to raise funds for the church, please can we ask that you keep going? Let us know about any new initiatives we could take. On Easter Sunday, we will communicate the pledges and suggestions that we receive during March.

Thank so much and God Bless,

Mike (Outgoing Treasurer) and Sue (Lay leader).

Our bank details are:-

Lloyds Bank Darwen

Account Name: St Pauls Hoddlesden PCC

Sort code: 77-76-09

Account Number: 32280868

If you want to prefer to send a cheque, please post it to our new Treasurer:

Ryan Moulden, 16 Chapman Road, Hoddlesden BB3 3LU.