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Padiham Living Advent Calendar

29 Nov 2020, 1 a.m.
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Each window will be based on a Christmas Carol or Song. It's up to you whether you enjoy a new window each day, or catch up with seven at the weekend, or rush round them all at the end of Advent! See if you can work out the title of each Carol/Song. You'll find a number in each window to tell you which day the scene belongs to.

Here's a list of the venues for the first two weeks. The numbers in brackets refer to the number of letters in the words in the title of the song. Our thanks to the artistic shops, families and individuals for creating the scenes in their windows!

Living Advent Calendar Here are all the locations taking you up to next Saturday (13th December)</font>

1. So Floral, 28 Burnley Road, BB12 8EU (5,9)

2. Picture House, 4-8 Burnley Rd, BB12 8BX (4,3,6)

3. Turtle Bee 91A Burnley Rd, BB12 8BL (1,3,5,5)

4. Mark Jinkinson 95 Burnley Rd, BB12 8BL (6,7,3)

5. Todds Pharmacy 135-139 Burnley Rd, BB12 8BA (6,3,7)

6. 25 Parish Street BB12 8JE (1,4,5)

7. Margins Insurance 86 Burnley Rd, BB12 8QN (3,5,4)

8. Oddies 92 Burnley Rd, BB12 8QN (9,3,4)

9. J-Lo Station Rd, BB12 8EU (2,3,2,1,6,5)

10. Trish’s Hair Studio 18-20 Church St, BB12 8HG (7,2,3,3)

11. That Girl who Bakes 29 Burnley Rd, BB12 8BY (6,5)

12. 2 Peel St BB12 8RP (6,5)

13. 81 Church St BB128JH (3,5,5)