Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Brindle

A warm welcome to worship services this week

19 Sep 2021, 8:45 a.m.

The weather forecast is suggesting 50-60% chance of rain at the time of the service Sunday 19th September 2021. 

With much regret, the service is now indoors in church.

If you haven't booked to attend the service, PLEASE DO NOT COME - WE ARE AT CAPACITY.

It was the intention that if the service was outdoors, we would sing hymns. Sadly, we are in church so will not be singing.

The service will be accessible on livestream using the September services link.

Sunday School will still be meeting in the Community Hall. Please follow the guidance of Catharine Cummins.

Given the potential numbers, could you please ensure an early arrival to allow the service to start prompt at 10.30am.

We are looking forward to welcoming Bishop Phillip and the Ingram family for this special service.

Click here for the printable copy of the notices for this week.

The Orders of Services Sheet for services this week.

Our Calendar of services and events online.

If you need further information, please do get in touch.

Resuming unrestricted access to worship will be such a joy, but in the meantime there is some general information here about attending a service in church.

We love to hear from you if you would like to get in touch: Get in Touch page.