Church of England Diocese of Blackburn St. Leonard Penwortham

View from the Vicarage - February

1 Feb 2019, midnight

View from the Vicarage

We asked…you said…we’re doing….

Over the months we’ve asked about ideas for social and fund raising events and what you can offer in terms of thoughts and practical help. As a result the PCC has drawn up a list of proposed events, trying to spread them more evenly through the year and provide a variety that will attract different people and age groups.

The first of these is the BEETLE BINGO on Saturday 16 February at 7pm, so come, invite family and friends. Also please look at the poster on the noticeboard in the porch, put the dates in your diary and sign up to help organize or run an event. You’re not committing yourself to anything more.

The more help we can get, the more we can do and raise the profile of St Leonard’s as a place where things are happening. It may be a drip, drip approach but the more people see the name St Leonard’s, the more likely they are to respond and come to something.

So much depends on you. It’s not an onerous task, but if you’re willing to talk about Church, about events and invite people to come to things, the more people will come!

If you see something which excites you on TV, or go for a good meal you’ll talk about it to family, friends, neighbours ... why are we so coy about talking about Church, mentioning God casually in conversation? I suspect part of it is fear of rejection. What if I invite someone, and they say “no”. What if they tease me about going to Church, or about believing in God?

Don’t people already tease you about the football team you follow? or whatever? We need to overcome that fear, and take the risk – you never know what sort of conversation you might end up having!!