Church of England Diocese of Blackburn St. Leonard Penwortham

View from the Vicarage - October

25 Sep 2020, midnight

View from the Vicarage - October 2020

At the risk of showing my age, Dr Hook’s song: “Life ain’t easy” comes to mind! Adapting to changing circumstances can be challenging, but we’re doing our best – and doing well. Taking gentle steps to move forward safely with our worship and to grow in our discipleship, serving others in God’s name, supporting one another in prayer and action.

The pandemic seems to highlight the worst and the best in people. On the one hand the selfishness that it’s my right to do what I want regardless, on the other the selflessness of the care and concern shown by the vast majority. Despite everything we have much to be thankful for.

Giving thanks can be threefold:

Looking back and giving thanks for what has been.

Looking at and giving thanks for what is.

Looking forward and giving thanks for what will be.

These themes will be especially present in our worship on Sunday 11th. October when we celebrate both Harvest festival and the 50th anniversary of the dedication of our Church building. Again at our Annual Church Meeting (following Worship on October 17th.). This meeting has been delayed since April, but gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past 18 months, recognising the good and the difficult, giving thanks for the work and ministry that happens through our Church, saying thank you to “retiring” PCC and Deanery Synod members, and a huge thank you to Peter Milner and Brian Bamber, whose church wardenship has brought us through these testing times.

This means that we will be looking to elect 8 members of the PCC, 3 representatives to Deanery Synod and 2 Church Wardens (too early for partridges in pear trees!!). Please don’t pass by thinking that these roles are for someone else – this is your Church and we need your support in prayer and practical ways to keep moving forward in God’s mission with us in this community.

Pray and carefully consider what you may be able to offer, think and pray about others, often we are the last to se our own giftings and need a nudge. If you’re not comfortable nudging someone, see Nick and he’ll do the honours (in a socially distanced manner – of course!)

Life ain’t easy, but we ‘re called to work with the God of love building his Kingdom, may we have the grace to continue doing that.