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View from the Vicarage - December

30 Nov 2020, midnight
christmas From_the_Vicar

View from the Vicarage - December 2020

It is good news that we are able to return to Church for Worship together, making our journey through Advent. We will continue to distribute Services, so that you can join in at home, if unable to be physically with us. If you, or know someone who would like this please let Nick know.

Whilst I like the image that we’re turning the lights off before bringing in the birthday cake, it will be a quite a wait! A wait preparing ourselves for the coming celebration, opening ourselves to what God coming into the world might mean for us this year, how an event we’re almost too familiar with might touch us in new ways. So encouraging us to grow in our relationship with the God who loves us.

This year will be exploring ANGELS and their role in God’s story:

They are more than the endearing “chorus line” in the School nativity play with tinsel wings, but are messengers from God, bringing Good News and challenge.

On Wednesday evenings from 7pm for 40 minutes we will be exploring what they mean, how we might discover more of God’s revelation through them. As we can’t meet face to face, they will be via Zoom. You can log in for just one, or all of them. But you need to let Nick know so that he can “invite” you.

We are being creative and approaching things in different ways this year.

St Leonard’s Choir are producing a Carol Service that will be available on CD or computer files. In order to receive this by Dec 13<sup>th</sup>. you need to order by the end of Dec 7<sup>th</sup>. Orders after that will come later. To order contact David Cookson: [email protected] or phone or text him on 07721677831 stating which version and how many copies. Donations are invited.

As the season progresses angels will be available for you to write a prayer on, a word on, and if you wish, colour in. These will be part of prayers displayed in Church. Drop them off in Church or through the Vicarage letter box.

On Sunday 20<sup>th</sup>. from 3-4pm we’re hosting a “Walk Through Nativity”. This will be outside and people will visit various “stations” along the way, hear a little more of the story and get a clue, the answer being revealed at the end! It should be great fun!!

The Christingle Service, supporting the work of the Children’s Society, is an important Service in our calendar. Obviously, we can’t hold the Service in Church, instead we will be offering DIY Christingle kits with instructions and prayers and all you’ll need to make your own Christingle, and celebrate the Christ light dawning. These will be available outside Church on Christmas Eve from 6-7pm. Donations to the Children’s Society are invited.

There will be celebrations of Communion at 11.30pm Christmas Eve, and 9.30am Christmas morning

This is our way of sharing the Good News of God’s love in our world, but you need to share it, so tell, encourage, INVITE people to come and be part of the celebrations.