Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Ashton-on-Ribble, St. Michael and All Angels with Preston St. Mark

Black Lives Matter

6 Jun 2020, 1:15 p.m.

As an  Inclusive church, St. Michael's abhors the stain and sin of racism at every level in our society.  We acknowledge the pain  and burden of the Church of England's historic role in the transatlantic slave trade, a trade upon which much of the wealth of the North West was built.  We acknowledge the lack of Christian charity and welcome extended to the 'Windrush generation' and reject their subsequent poor treatment by the government of the United Kingdom.  And in these days of trouble in the United States we stand full square behind the recent statement of our diocesan senior staff which is posted below:

“We, the senior clergy of Blackburn Diocese gather behind the statement made by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York regarding the evil of systemic racism entrenched in our society, which has been highlighted by events in America, but exists here in the UK and, indeed, here in Lancashire. In doing so we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of colour, and all of those who face injustice, violence and oppression due to the colour of their skin and race. We stand firmly against any prejudicial and discriminatory action which treats one person as less than another. All are created in the image of God, all are equal under him, all are to be treated with a dignity. Therefore, Racism is a sin, as it dehumanises and destroys the image of God in each one of us.

Racism has no place in our society or indeed our churches. When one part of the body is harmed, we all suffer.”

We seek to reject those attitudes and behaviours which separate as human beings and look to such examples as set by John Newton, repentant slave trader who wrote the words of the great hymn; 'Amazing grace, how sweet the sound' as we work to build a more just society more closely akin to Kingdom values.