Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Ashton-on-Ribble, St. Michael and All Angels with Preston St. Mark

Facing The Issues

12 Jan 2021, 12:45 p.m.


Beyond the immediate crisis of the current pandemic, the Christian and wider world have a series of challenges about how as faithful people we respond to issues facing the church and wider society.

In a series of five ‘lockdown’ talks Andrew explores the moral and ethical questions which arise in the modern world and which challenge Christians today.

The talks will appear on our website just before the date noted.

Jan 17<sup>th</sup>: ‘Tumbling statues’. How we remember our past speaks of our present.

How do we remember important people and events as a society? Andrew explores the nature of memorialising in the context of current debates about British involvement in the slave trade.

Jan 24<sup>th </sup> ‘Be light in the darkness’ Holocaust Memorial day 2021.

2021 marks the 76<sup>th</sup> anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The ‘Final Solution’ remains a deep stain upon humanity. Yet antisemitism and racial and religious intolerance continues to be embedded in our culture. Andrew discusses the roots of antisemitism in John’s gospel and how this has impacted upon Western society since the Middle Ages.

Jan 31<sup>st</sup>: ‘The prince and the pauper’. What is the Christian response to inequality? The pandemic has heightened the glaring inequalities apparent in our modern society where more and more wealth is controlled by less and less people. Why did the radical vision of the Early Church seen in Acts fail?

Feb 7<sup>th</sup>: ‘A moral climate’. We are called to be stewards of Creation. How might this affect our spiritual as well as physical lives?

The greatest single threat to the flourishing of humanity is its own effects on planet Earth. The Prince of Wales has called for a new ‘Terra Charter’ in which business and politics combine to create a sustainable future. What is our role in this great endeavour?

Feb 14<sup>th</sup>: ‘Same sex, different Love?’ The Church of England begins discussing ‘Living in Love and Faith’. How do we respond to the deeply complex issue of human sexuality?

The Church’s teaching seems out of step with modern living and people’s understanding of human sexuality. Is that true? 2021 marks the beginning of a process of discussion and discernment in regard of same sex marriage and expressions of sexuality. It is inevitably a divisive topic with both sides making sure their megaphones work. But how can we quietly and faithfully discuss an issue which reaches to the very heart of our humanity?