Church of England Diocese of Blackburn St. Michael Grimsargh


Current action regarding Coronavirus.

In the light of the current situation regarding the Covid 19 pandemic, we will be following the advice of the government and instructions from the Diocese of Blackburn.

Public worship has resumed (details on home page) with due regard to social distancing and other official guidance

Other church meetings and activities remain cancelled

No visits may take place, except where there is an urgent need

We continue to monitor the situation and offer whatever support is possible. For pastoral visits we shall follow guidance from the Bishop of Blackburn’s coronavirus task group: in general, visits will only be made in extreme circumstances, and then only where it is deemed safe to do so.

Hospital visits will be possible only in exceptional circumstances with the approval of senior ward staff. We will work through the local chaplaincy teams where appropriate.

Please remember the threat of Covid 19 remains serious, so social distancing, good hand hygiene and the use of face coverings where indicated by official advice remain important.

Please pray for all those directly affected by coronavirus/covid19 and all engaged in health care, both locally and across the world, as the authorities work to contain the spread of this virus.

In addition to government and media sources, further information may be found on the Diocese of Blackburn and Church of England websites.

Thank you,