Daily Prayers at Home

Praying at home in fellowship with one another.

I would encourage everyone to set aside some time to pray at home, as a household or individually. It is important that we maintain the prayer life of our community.

To help in this I have put together a booklet from recourses on the Church of England website.

The contents are as follows:

p1 Morning Prayer

p2 Night Prayer (can be used any time towards the end of the day, evening or late night)

p10 Intersessions (can be used with the morning and night prayer services)

p12 A selection of prayers to use at any time

to download and print the booklet please select here

You can find further resources from the following sites:


(Resources - Prayer, worship and discipleship)


(Prayer and Worship)

These offer a variety of resources, including prayers

online, links to the lectionary (readings for every day) and links to various

apps (eg, Daily Prayer; Bible apps)

With my continued prayers