Church of England Diocese of Blackburn Silverdale

Easing of restrictions

25 Jul 2021, 8:15 a.m.
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The new Government and Church of England guidelines suggest that there are no longer any restrictions in churches, but that the Incumbent and the PCC agree local arrangements depending on their context.

In this light, Standing Committee of the PCC have given careful thought to this and have made the decision to gradually ease the restrictions we have in place and begin to return to worship as we knew it before lockdown #1.

From Sunday 25th July these are the key points:

<ul><li>Mask wearing - we want to encourage you to continue to wear a mask especially when moving around the building (i.e. coming in and out of the building, and when receiving communion) and singing.
</li><li>Hand sanitiser - we want to encourage you to continue to use hand sanitiser as you come in. We will continue to provide hand sanitiser but you may prefer to use your own. </li><li>Singing - we will begin to sing 2 hymns each service</li><li>Holy Communion - distribution will remain the same: bread only and administered at the Chancel steps</li><li>The peace remains as it is - no contact and no moving around
</li><li>Social distancing - alternate pews will continue to remain empty. We ask that you decide how close you sit next to someone on the pews in use. Please do ask someone before you sit next to them so as not to cause them undue anxiety.</li><li>Refreshments - we will begin to offer refreshments in September to give time for a new rota to be set up.</li><li>Opening of the Church - the Church will be open each day from 10am until 4pm</li><li>The building continues to be well ventilated with open windows

These key points will be reviewed towards the end of August and changes implemented in September if required. 

All life events (baptisms, weddings and funerals) will follow the above protocol for worship and will be agreed with the families after discussion with the Incumbent.