Church of England Diocese of Blackburn St. Paul Fairhaven

The Launch of 'The 4'

10 Sep 2021, 11:45 a.m.
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The vision for the new service is to be a service of worship with a more informal, more contemporary style – a congregation of different generations, seeking to reach and disciple all ages together, with a deliberate intention of incorporating children, young people and families, into the full worshipping life of the church.

It will meet at 4pm on Sundays in the church hall, meeting around tables, aiming at 45 minutes as we begin. There will be refreshments served at the end, with an encouragement to stay around and interact and discuss together. In time we seek offer a light tea at the end to enjoy together, and to mean that people are not having to think about tea when they get home.

Do come along and join us!