Church of England Diocese of Bristol Pucklechurch and Abson

Church Closed during Lockdown

9 Jan 2021, 4:30 p.m.

Hello Everyone.

Bad news but we need to stay safe;

Following the worsening crisis in the NHS and the alarming rapid spread of infection, the PCC have agreed to close church for worship with immediate effect.

Therefore, Pucklechurch and Abson churches will be closed from Saturday, 9th January 2020 until further notice.

Unlike the first lockdown in March 2020, churches are now exempt from closure on grounds of well-being and spiritual need.

However, because of the increased threat, our bishop has given us permission to make decisions at local level and Pucklechurch and Abson have chosen to join

the rapidly growing number of churches choosing to close until the risk factor changes in our favour.

We intend to return to digital church for the time being. Sunday 10th January may be too soon for me to produce something but I will communicate with you during the week.

I would like to thank the PCC for making such a rapid and decisive response which I think is in everyone’s interest.

Thank you for your understanding over this difficult decision, which is not an easy one, but I feel ’Shalom’ (peace) about taking it and look forward to the time we can return to communal worship.

In the meantime, we must ‘batten down’ until vaccine gains victory over virus.

With warmest greetings,

- Rev Stuart .