Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Acrise St. Martin and Swingfield, St. Peter

“Where do we go from here?”

22 May 2020, midnight

"Almighty God, please guide us into selfless humility that may encourage us all, to be mindful of the plight of others, in the nature and example of Jesus Christ.

To consume and take in accordance with needs, not wants, mindful of the plight and longevity of the planet which you have created, and our impermanent status as tenants.

Aware of the truth that God creates and provides, while we evolve through the discovery and development of that fact.

Loving Lord, you have made it clear to us, in many ways, that we must change and rebuild the way we lead our lives, please be with us, our strength and guide, as we attempt the difficulties of that change.

In your mercy, hear our prayer.”