Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Elham

St Mary's New Facilities

26 Jun 2020, midnight

Construction is under way! The contractor has completed the external drainage work under the watchful eye of our archaeologist. No exceptional finds were revealed during excavations but a small number of bone fragments were found, as expected, and carefully replace in the ground in the trench backfill. A small area of the churchyard, where surplus soil from the excavations has been spread, has been planted with wildflower seeds. In addition, the redundant brick chimney which housed the old boiler flues has been demolished and removed. The contractor has been given the go-ahead to continue with the project, and will be re-mobilizing this week. Based on their performance to date, we have made an excellent choice of contractor, and James Ford has continued to give us excellent service as our architect.

More good news - The Kent County Council has awarded us a generous grant of £1,000 towards the cost of the project. Many thanks to our councillor Susan Carey for supporting and arranging this.