Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Lyminge with Paddlesworth

The Story of Self (conclusion)

3 Apr 2020, midnight

Almighty God our Father, history and experience have given us many evidences of Your guidance to nations and individuals, that we should not doubt your power or willingness to direct us.

Give us the faith to believe that when God wants us to do or not to do any particular thing, God finds away of letting us know it.

May we not make it more difficult for that guidance from God, but be willing to submit to His leading, that, “Thy will may be done”, in us and through us for the good of mankind and ourselves.

This we ask in the power of Jesus name. Amen

Thanks to Peter Marshall (November 1949). Peter Marshal was an itinerant Christian Evangelical Preacher in the USA, in the late 1939’s/40’s. Lived in Washington D.C. He wrote a book of sermons called, 'Mr Jones Meets the Master’.