Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Stanford

A Story of Self

5 Mar 2021, 9 a.m.

                                                         A STORY OF SELF


Once upon a time, in a land not far away, lived a tribe of Egos. The life quest of the Ego, even without thinking about it, was to put an end to God created life on planet Earth. A tale of how needs became wants and wants joined forces with ambition, to become a powerful motivating force.

But, and quite a big but, the great fallibility of the tribe is that every Ego thinks it is superior to every other Ego, thus forming an ideal working partnership with Status. Encouraging both to become detached from physical reality, placing them firmly within an alliance of spiritual tormentors and motivators. Spiritual entities who’s sole desire is to control the physical being.

This enslavement of the physical also involves many sub-species of Ego, such as Exploitation, Greed, Waste and Choice, a close ally of Waste and promoter of the unnecessary.

Many years ago, a rather unusual man, actually warned people of the insidious power of the Ego, which he referred to as, “The Self”. He offered ways of facing up to them and resisting them, but they were in a powerful position within the hiding places of the human psyche and broadly speaking he was ignored. So they crucified him, just as they may crucify us all eventually, thus achieving their objective.


Relies on the belief that Almighty God creates and mankind discovers. In a logically evolving world that enables mathematical sequence, this power of discovery has revealed the Spiritual influence we may refer to as Almighty God. Within this reverent relationship we may refer to God as Landlord - Humanity as Tenants and Holy Scripture as our Tenancy Agreement. Once we tread the path of separation from this faithful view, to set out alone under the guidance of “The Self” or Ego, we naturally court disaster. Painful malfunctions which could have been avoided, had we complied with the tenets of Holy Scripture revealing God is in everything and always has the last word.

We are confronted in 21<sup>st</sup> century with two ego-driven disasters and a pandemic, two global and one national. Spiritual wake up calls from our Creator God and Landlord. Disunity and separation feature bold in all of them, indicating a need to be guided by a rectifying spirit of unity and reconciliation, which were the cornerstones of Christs ministry on behalf of his Father.

At a time when we are being encouraged by digital technology, to separate and hide within a virtual world. A parody of human connection. Our task may be made even more difficult.

What are the chances we may ask in a quiet moment, to turn personal, national and even international interest away from the pursuit of self, to that of sacrificial love driven unity? Well, we do pray, “Your will be done Father” and we know that nothing is impossible for God. So is faith alone going to be enough? Perhaps it is if sincere and enables the physical being to swim against the tide, when necessary. It worked for Christ and he has promised that it can work for us, but not without risk!

In most cases, wants and choice have to be sacrificed to needs and we will have to face this challenge. Praying away the personal pain and hardship it may bring. It is not an attractive message but one which lies at the very heart of Christian Mission, where the needs of other issues take precedence over self interest………...All we now have to do is live it and encourage it.

The last few words: Revelation 22: Vs’s 18t to 21 RD. Feb. 21