A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s


We are hosting a series of webinars for people who would like to know more and engage with the vision and strategic priorities the Church for the next decade, including the opportunity to ask your questions.

Webinar 1: Introducing the vision and the three strategic priorities                                   

Webinar 2: Strategic priority: A church where mixed ecology is the norm                        

Webinar 3: Strategic priority: A church of missionary disciples  

Webinar 4: Strategic priority: A church that is younger and more diverse                       

Webinar 5: A Church that is simpler, humbler, bolder 

The Church of England’s calling is and always has been to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ afresh in each generation to the people of England.

The work to develop the new Vision and Strategy is underway but the foundations are already clear: The Church of England must adapt and put its trust in God to become a simpler, humbler, bolder Church that is Jesus Christ centred and Jesus Christ shaped.

 A  simpler Church, both in governance and structure and in the way we live and share the gospel A  humbler Church, recognising our failings and working with others to serve the common good A  bolder Church energised and enthused by the good news of what God has done in Jesus Christ and sharing that with everyone.

 Our strategic priorities are: 

 To be a church that is younger and more diverse.To be a church where mixed ecology is the norm  – where every person in England has access to an enriching and compelling community of faith by adding new churches and new forms of Church to our parishes, schools and chaplaincies. To become a church of missionary disciples where all God’s people are released to live the Christian life. 

The picture below illustrates the shape of the vision and strategic priorities from the period of consultation with hundreds of people who reflect the breadth and diversity of the Church of England.


 Read the commentary from the Archbishop of York that accompanies this illustration. 

"A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s." 

To help us achieve these strategic priorities we are looking at bringing simplicity and coherence to our governance structures, and the practical ways the Church is organised and gets things done that enable the local church to flourish.

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Update on progress – address to General Synod, February 2021, by Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York


 A Vision for the Church of England in the 2020s, 'Christ centred and Jesus shaped. Simpler, humbler, bolder' by Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York


A theological reflection on our emerging vision and priorities by Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford


Simplicity, humility, and boldness’: Archbishop of York outlines ten-year plan for the C of E

Church Time November 2020

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We would like to hear what you see in the vision and strategy – both the picture and the accompanying commentary. Please share your feedback via our short online survey.

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