Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Margate St. Philip, Northdown Park

7 Days - 70 Miles

30 Sep 2019, 8 p.m.

7 Days – 70 Miles

The Augustine Comino is a pilgrimage route from Rochester to Ramsgate. This summer over 7 days I accompanied my daughter, Sarah, to walk it ‘backwards’ – i.e. starting in Ramsgate and ending in Rochester. For the most part it is easy going, following mainly footpaths and quiet lanes. A few times we went ‘off route’, either intentionally or because the way was not clear, but the scenery is beautiful with the aspect changing every few minutes. Plenty of time to reflect on the glory of God and his creation, time to ponder, chat and relax. It is a great way to discover so much more about the early roots of Christianity in England and to visit so many lovely old churches – unfortunately most of these were closed and locked. What would Jesus say? Denying access to our father’s house, a sad sign of the times to prevent vandalism and theft. On some stages the opportunity to pause for refreshment is plentiful, on others the opportunity to take a comfort break is sadly lacking! But, all that apart, I commend it to you, the peace, the fields, the cathedrals, abbeys, shrines and priory. The hills, skies, woods, rivers, marshes all add to the wonder of this walk which touches on or encompasses several other walking trails: Medway Valley walk, North Downs Way, Pilgrim’s Way, Saxon Shore Way, Stour Valley walk, Thanet Coastal path, England Coast path and E2 European Long Distance Walk.

Chris Woodcock