In Memory of ..... June Corkin

 The private funeral for June takes place at St Columba's, Warcop, on 29 June 2020.

She was born June Tweddell on 22nd June 1957 in Sunderland, to Jack and Mary Tweddell. She had a younger brother, John.

She was very proud of her boys – Christopher, Mark and Jamie, She loved her daughters-in-law, Sharon and Hazel, and adored the grandkids - Jay and Kiera, Oscar, Reid and Max. She made lots of good friends wherever she worked - she would love to tell stories of her days with the girls at Hartside Cafe, or what she had done that day with Janey B. June lived for the family, she would put herself out for any of her friends or family in good times or bad, family gatherings were always at home. A Sunday dinner with all the family (plus others if they were there) was always a favourite …. any day of the week.

She loved her holidays, whether at home here in the UK - at the common land at Mallerstang, in the Lakes with as many of the family as possible, in her caravan at Haltwhistle - or abroad in France, Germany, Switzerland or Greece. One quirk of June’s was that although she loved to travel, she didn't like the local food; she would go to Rome and order chicken & chips! She would love to buy small gifts for everyone when on holiday, it always seemed that she wanted to buy about half the shop. Markets and antique shops were a favourite, whether in Keswick or Hawes, Bruges or Cologne.

Spiritual in many ways, some of her favourite places were religious ones, the Sacré-Cœur in Paris, St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the church of St Bega’s on Bassenthwaite Lake.

She always felt most at home when in the countryside. Her love of dogs and animals always came through, even when away from home. She rescued an injured kestrel when at Haltwhistle, and saved a small kitten that was terrified at the side of the road. She would try anything to avoid leaving her dogs in the kennels when she went on her holidays, preferring where possible to take them with her.

June had a seemingly endless "I have always wanted a ..." list, ranging from a Rottweiler to a Chihuahua, a convertible to a campervan, finally realising the camper van dream in August last year. She loved her van, and the freedom to just up and go wherever she liked.

This last year has truly been a family year, spending most of the summer on the common land with the family, a 40th birthday party - she loved a party and would dance her dance all night long - and she also got to take Oscar & Reid on their first flight for an unforgettable week in Kefalonia.

As everyone would tell you, June loved to talk on the phone, all of us will miss the sound of her voice.

She had a great appetite for life, and she lived her life the way she wanted, and to the full.

June married Peter McHale in 1974 and had three children with Peter - Christopher, Mark and Jamie. Christopher married Sharon. Jamie married Hazel, Jamie is stepdad to Jay & Kiera, and they have three children, Oscar, Reid and Max, born earlier this year. Her younger brother, John is married Ellie in 2017. June remarried, to Bryan Corkin, in April 1996.

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