South Calder Mission Community

The South Calder Mission Community is Commissioned

The Mission Community reaches along the coast and up the dales of the deanery from Thornton in the north to Whicham in the south. All the Anglican churches and the Methodist churches in Seascale and Gosforth are members; St Joseph’s Roman Catholic church which draws its congregation from a wide part of the area is a Companion Church.

The Mission Community has been gradually evolving and finding its identity within the component benefices and parishes since June 2016, when the first gathering was called to explore the possibilities and challenges.

On Sunday 29 September 2019 a celebratory service to commission the Mission Community was held at St Paul’s Church, Irton.

The Leader of the Mission Community, Revd. Canon Gill Hart, has written,

“…our journey together has led us to prayer; we meet weekly around the Mission Community to pray for the world and its needs, our churches, their work and witness and individuals in need. This regular gathering has grown over time and is an important and regular point of contact, encouragement and support. Anyone is welcome to attend and information about it is publicised in [church magazines].

“…we are exploring those things that we can do better together than apart. Small rural churches do many things well; they are good at caring for their neighbours and building community through the events they organise. But sometimes there are things [they] struggle to do simply because [they] do not have the number of people to organise or to attend an event.”

“The purpose of a mission community is to create partnerships and opportunities that enable local churches to provide regular worship, to serve their neighbours, to teach the faith, to promote stewardship of creation and a just and fair sharing of the world’s resources.”

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