Church of England Diocese of Chester Bidston


14 Mar 2020, 1 a.m.

14th March 2020

Dear Friends,


Indeed, we live in interesting times! To that end we there will be some changes to the life of our church in the immediate future. These do seem direct, but I’ve kept them as brief as possible for clarity’s sake.

• Please wash your hands upon coming into church and leaving. There is sanitiser but hand washing is vital and more effective. Please observe all other personal hygiene protocols as directed.

• We to keep on top of church cleanliness and volunteers are needed as a matter of priority. Guidance and equipment will be provided.

• PCC will be cancelled this week but for the sake of accounts and any pressing matters we will work by email to discuss and agree agenda issues and plan for how we may meet and APCM.

• Communion is in one kind only i.e.: just the bread, and for the peace we will address each other but not shake hands

• For communion, please remain standing and not kneeling, so as not to touch the rail; only groups of 5 will be the communion rail at any one time and individually spaced apart. Please remain seated until directed to move for communion so we avoid lining up.

• Our evening service will be suspended to avoid unnecessary contact.

• There will be no groups meeting for the time being including The Ladies Fellowship and Home Group

• Little Acorns is postponed along with Messy Church for time being.

• Café Church will be postponed, and all services will be at 10.30am

• There will be no Maundy Supper but there will be Holy Communion at 7.30pm

• There will be quiet Hour at the Cross on Good Friday at 1pm

• There will be no refreshments after any services.

• There will be no plate offering passed around but there will be a retiring plate. Please see Tony if you would like to arrange a standing order so we don’t lose any cash flow.

• If you have no symptoms, but are concerned for your own health or that of others you live with, please do not feel under any pressure to be with us for the time being.

• Obviously, if you have any symptoms such as a new persistent cough or others in your household do, please do not attend Church.

• The vicar has been self-isolating for a week and will do so until 21st March on the advice of 111 and Arrowe Park Hospital.

• After the 21st the vicar will be doing parish visits as normal but will ring to see if these are appreciated at the time and safe to do so.

• If the vicar doesn’t have your email, please place it in the basket so it can be added to our database for communication

• Please do be aware of your own Spiritual Health and any means you may take to support that, if you cannot attend church.

• The vicar, wardens and PCC will be reviewing the situation as it unfolds and adjusting as needed in light of what may transpire.

With love and prayers for you all

Ron Iveson

Vicar St Oswalds Bidston