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Government announcement on private prayer in churches.

12 Jun 2020, 7:15 p.m.
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This week, the government announced that from Saturday 13th June churches are permitted to open for private prayer, provided that steps are taken to ensure good social distancing, hand hygiene and cleaning of the premises. St Luke's PCC has considered the guidance from Public Health England and the Church of England regarding the necessary safeguards that must be in place to allow this to happen. St Luke's has no hot water supply (for hand washing) and only a limited number of volunteers (many of whom are in the "vulnerable" category) who could be asked to clean the church building before and after any open period. We have concluded that it is not feasible to open the church for private prayer at this time. We will keep this decision under review as circumstances change.

Funerals are important for bereaved families and their friends. Therefore, we have decided that, despite the amount of effort involved, we will permit small funeral services (with social distancing) to take place in church, if requested, at the discretion of the vicar. We regret that it will not be possible to have an organist present or for hymns to be sung.

Judy Ford, Health and Safety Officer, St Luke's Parochial Church Council, 12th June 2020