Church of England Diocese of Chester All Saints, Great Saughall

Watch Sunday Services Online

21 Mar 2021, 9 a.m.

Go to the link


Google ‘YouTube’
then put 'Our Local Church Saughall’ in the search field.
This will take take you to our channel we've called 'Our Local Church'.

You'll know you're there because you'll find some familiar faces.

If you can't find this Sunday's video straight away go to the 'Videos' tab.

Press the red ‘subscribe' button (at no cost) to make the Our Local Church channel always available on your YouTube page. The benefit of ‘subscribing’ means you never have to wait for a link again and you will be able to browse all the videos we publish.

YouTube if you've not been there before a box may appear on the screen asking if you'd like to sign up for a YouTube account. This doesn't cost you anything but taking up the offer has the advantage that the page you open next time will look familiar and will contain channels that you've watched before. Sign-up process will give you all the instructions you need to complete that task as you go.