Church of England Diocese of Chester St. Peter, Hale

A note from Rev'd Kaz May 2020

19 May 2020, 9 p.m.
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A number of you have been enquiring when we are going to re-open the Church building and I just want to update you about the discussions that the Ministry team and the Standing Committee of the PCC have held.

You need to know that the decision is not ours to make. The current aspiration of the Prime Minister is that places of worship might be open for private prayer ( not services) by 4th July. We are working towards this but we will only be open at all when we feel it is safe to do so. In the mean time we will be continuing with the on-line services and ministry.

Our new website is going live on June 1st and we will be keeping you updated there about our plans. Watch that space !


The PCC decided at a special meeting on March 4th that we would discontinue the plans for a proposed new carpark within the Church grounds. It was my intention to cover this in my remarks to the APCM scheduled for April but that has been another Covid-19 cancellation. The PCC have agreed however to review the layout of our grounds and consider how they might become a facility for the community generally as we recognise that our grounds are one of the few green spaces in Hale village. We will be seeking professional advice. We are forming a small team to take the project forward and if anyone , with or without green fingers, would like to join please get in touch. The first meeting, via zoom is on Monday May 25th @ 8p.m.

Permission for an extension to our Garden of remembrance has already been applied for and that will be integrated into the plans.