Church of England Diocese of Chester St. Peter, Hale

New Study Group this Autumn

22 Jul 2020, 10:45 p.m.
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St Peter's is starting a new study group, Exploring Faith Matters, (EfM) in September/October

Exploring Faith Matters - Conversation Groups

Each group arranges its own weekly meetings. A typical pattern of meetings will be 12 from September to Christmas, 12 from January to Easter and 6 after Easter.

The group has a trained mentor who fosters its growth as a learning community by:

hosting a welcoming space, offering a framework for discussion, encouraging weekly worship, and ensuring the well-being of the group.

The meetings draw from the preparation each member can do. This is mainly reading set texts from suggested books alongside the Bible, but it can include personal experiences, reflections and the stories of everyday life. We are grateful for what people bring, in all its diversity.

The set texts form four streams, of one year each. They are by recognised writers in biblical studies, theology, history and aspects of faith. You are welcome to read other writers too.

We regularly reflect on our faith tradition, our culture, our personal experiences and our responses.

So if you fancy reading a bit more about the Bible, Church History or current understanding of aspects of our faith, please have a word with Rev'd Kaz J Stanton, Mary Graham or Julie Withers