Church of England Diocese of Chester St. Peter, Hale


28 Jul 2020, 7 a.m.
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Hello All,

I do hope that you are all safe and well.

Good news! We will now be opening up for public worship on Sundays and also on Wednesdays. Both services will be in church.

A new booking system is in place because we can only take about 60/65 people in church because of the social distancing rules. You can only book two weeks at a time because block bookings would be unfair. To book a seat/s please email: [email protected]

The Chester Diocese guidelines include the need to wear a mask in church which is in the category of enclosed spaces. Please bring your own mask.


Sundays 10a.m. Common Worship Holy Communion (in church)

Wednesdays 10a.m. Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion (in church)

ONLINE SERVICES ( or direct through the website

10a.m. Sundays

10a.m. Wednesdays


Tuesday 10am – 12 noon

Thursday 5pm – 7pm


When you arrive there is one entrance door, on the Murieston Road side of church. The Harrop Road side is for exiting only.

Sanitise your hands when you enter.

You will receive an Order of Service. We will use this for 5 weeks and would like you to take them home and bring it with you when you return for another service.

You will have been given a seat number when you have booked and sides-people will guide you to your seats. Please go straight to your seat and stay at the usual 2 meters social distancing.

Please be in your seats by 9.50am.

At the end of the service please leave straight away and have a natter outside where it is much safer. Hopefully the weather will be kind. We will not be opening St Peter’s House for coffee.

Notes on Communion.

The Wardens will direct you when to come to the front.

You will receive bread only and then move to the nearest side aisle to return to your seat.

If you do not wish to take Communion you may still come forward for a blessing. For a blessing cross your hands across your chest.


A collection plate will be available at the front on either side should you wish to give.

Do this immediately after receiving Communion.

This all sounds rather bossy but we really do have your best interests at heart and want to follow the guidelines.

Let’s stay safe!


There will be an open-air service at 6.30pm on August 16th.

This is a Churches Together service.

Please bring a chair if you can or a picnic blanket. Hopefully umbrellas will not be needed.