Church of England Diocese of Chester St. Peter, Hale

Exploring Faith Matters - planned to start September

12 Aug 2020, 8 p.m.
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In the picture are details of the Books for our EfM group. Which stream or topic appeals to you?  The Hebrew Bible, The New Testament, Christian History or Theology, Ethics and Interfaith Encounter?  

Choose the topic that draws you.  The Bible is read alongside the topic books. As it is not an academic course,  everyone can contribute to the conversations from their experience and faith journey. 

If you enjoy reading and want to dig deeper into our faith you are welcome to join us.  We aim to start on 21st September, initially by Zoom, so you will need access to an email and the internet.  Hopefully before too long we may be able to meet in person.  Cost is £10 per month which includes sessions facilitated by a trained mentor, an e-book Reading & Reflection Guide plus an e-book on the Hebrew Bible.  To register contact Julie Withers or Revd Kaz