Church of England Diocese of Chester Eaton with Hulme Walfield

Update on the war memorial at Eaton Church

11 Feb 2021, 12:45 p.m.
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Permission is being requested by Christ Church, Eaton to carry out the following: 

Addition of a further inscription to the War Memorial in the churchyard. The inscription to be to the blank 
east side of the War Memorial, with lettering to match the existing, the text to be as follows:

John O Butler 
Eric A W Faulder 
Joseph Whitehurst”

All in accordance with:
1. Schedule of Works or Proposals from the Petition for Faculty logged 5 October 2020
2. Plan showing location of War Memorial, Estimate of William Warrington Memorial Mason dated 16 December 2020, and annotated photographs of War Memorial and Roll of Honour all attached to email of Mary Hibbert dated 29 December 2020. 

Further to the changes to public notices process under lockdown, we will now maintain a central location for supporting documents and public notices to be viewed online, in order to fulfil the requirements of the faculty jurisdiction rules that plans are available to be seen as well as the public notice.

The Supporting Documents bundle will therefore be uploaded to the same page on the diocesan website that we had been using to display public notices,

The full formal notice requesting permission to make the changes can be seen as an attachment below. 

For more information about the proposed changes, please see the previous news item.