Church of England Diocese of Chester Eaton with Hulme Walfield

Churches are to close

24 Mar 2020, 5:30 p.m.
Church_news From_the_Vicar

The Archbishops have announced that all church buildings across the country are to be closed, including for private prayer. Not only will there be no services, but none of us (clergy included) are to visit privately. The doors are to remain locked until the crisis is passed. In addition:

-No weddings are to take place.

-Only emergency baptisms at hospital or home are to take place.

-Funerals will only happen at the graveside or crematorium, and only with immediate family present.

These measures are part of a critical life saving response across the country, and we must all play our part. Please keep safe, and if in any need do call the Vicarage or a church officer for assistance. There are lots of people ready to volunteer for shopping, collecting prescriptions etc.

In the meantime we are an online church. Prayers will continue to be said daily, and on Sundays. Stay in touch via the app, and on social media. And we are developing ways to stay in touch with those who are not online.

The vicarage phone number is 01260 224447. 

To download the Rural Daneside app on your smart phone, go to your phone's app provider and search for 'School Jotter'. When you have downloaded it, search for Rural Daneside Churches and choose the church(es) you would like to hear from.